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“Angela has captured in words and pictures a vital essence of Christian living. The Gospels and the influence of the Holy Spirit compel us towards a closer walk with the Lord, but the normal human trials of everyday living often flood our minds with the worry and concerns of worldly living. Your I Am Wake Up Call is a great island of refuge to pause and reflect on the fact that we are unique creations of a loving and ever-present God.

There’s a popular statement that advises people if their clothes catch fire to Stop, Drop and Roll. But sometimes the fire that’s consuming us is the pain, stress and anxiety of this world. When that happens I say, Stop, Pray and then reflect with a great message like the ones contained in Your I Am Wake Up Call.”

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Story Behind the Book

In 2004, I felt a stirring in my heart. I was driving home and as clear as it could be, I heard a still, small voice say to me “You are to launch a project and it will be called “Your A.M. Wake Up Call!” I was literally chilled and in a state of awesome wonder! I asked myself, ‘What could...see more


"This book is a very heart-warming and inspirational daily reminder of God's manifestation in each of us. Angela Jo creatively combined her passion for writing and photography while allowing God's light and love to work in and through her. Your "I Am" Wake Up Call is not only a wonderful book but a movement towards connecting to the Divine Spirit within ourselves and others."

Rita Davenport

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