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Angela Jo Manieri has been has been speaking and motivating audiences for over 33 years in the Direct Sales industry.  Her passion is sharing messages of inspiration, authenticity and mindfulness to help you discover your greatest potential.

Angela Jo Maneri Speaker

“When people make a decision to live from the inside-out…amazing things begin to happen!”  Angela Jo loves to inspire people and encourage them to realize that they have everything they need to succeed within their very reach.

Here’s what others had to say:

Kim Gentile

 “Angela is a dynamic speaker who inspires, informs and engages her audience. Her training is fun and effective. Angela has a deep passion for helping others find their life purpose.”
~  Kim Gentile, National Sales Director at Party Lite


Rob Eppes

 “Angela is the total package…all good things come together. She is a beam of light.”
~   Rob Eppes,  President at Junior Achievement of Delaware


Rosemarie Verri

“Angela Jo speaks with authority; she’s insightful, witty, articulate and fun.” 
~ Rosemary Verri,  Owner of The Verri Idea!


Linda Herrick

“Angela Manieri is an exceptional speaker and presenter. She has a wonderful talent for honing in on the message, getting you to laugh at yourself and inspire short and long term change in your thoughts and behavior.  I witnessed an incredible and moving performance filled with humor and relevance.  Bravo  Angela, bravo!”
~ Linda Herrick,  Alternative Solutions & NYR Organic


Some of Angela Jo’s topics include:

  • Rise to the T.O.P. ~  Think On Purpose  (The Power of a Positive Mindset)
  • The Lever, The Dipper and The Bucket  (Effective Leadership)
  • The Golden Circle (Speaking from your WHY!)
  • Let’s Talk  (The Power of Communication)
  • Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone  (Do it Afraid)
  • The Power of One TEAM (The Magic happens in the H.U.D.D.L.E.)

Video Clip…From Rise to the T.O.P. ~  Think On Purpose

(Boston, MA 2012)

Angela Jo continues to speak in the Direct Sales industry and is now expanding her venues to Corporations, Women’s Groups, Associations & more!  Her expertise is in Keynote delivery and also welcomes opportunities to add value for Team Building and Inspiration to smaller groups.  Recently, Angela Jo spoke at a major Banking Institution for their Regional Market “ONE TEAM’ meeting on The Power of H.U.D.D.L.I.N.G together.


Angela Jo Maneri Training Bank of America

Would you like a training workshop, webinar, or teleclass designed specifically around your company’s needs?  How about one that is informative, fun and inspiring all at the same time?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  Angela Jo will delight you by customizing training for you and your team members or employees.  Her promise is that they will be motivated to take the necessary steps to make a difference! 

Here’s some feedback from individuals who Angela Jo has worked with:

Rita HollingsworthBank of America Logo“Angela Jo delivered a powerful presentation to my team at Bank of America! She worked with me to customize the training around the ‘ONE Team’ motto and created a brilliant presentation that inspired the room. The content and delivery were ‘spot on’!”
~ Rita Hollingsworth, Senior Vice President, Small Business Market Executive


Kim Starcevich

“Angela Jo is an amazing trainer and speaker. She is the type of trainer that has you laughing one minute and crying the next. Her trainings contain the perfect combination of heart-warming tidbits and concrete substance. She is the perfect person to help you grow your business, team or organization.
~ Kim Starcevich,  Regional Director at Simply Fun

Jim Klein

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Angela when I was President of The Longaberger Company and she was one of the top sales field trainers. I found Angela to possess an in-depth knowledge of all the dimensions of sales management, but more importantly, Angela was an outstanding communicator and motivator.   Angela is a class act with the highest ethical values.”
~  Jim Klein  Principal, Vision & Value Creators LLC: National Geographic Location Based & Live Entertainment Management Consultant


Angela Jo has a gift of listening with empathy and encouraging individuals to connect to their purpose and WHY in life.  She will take you on a journey, from the inside-out, to discover your highest calling and then create an action plan to manifest it.   Her style combines business, personal and spiritual coaching, which she feels are beautifully intertwined to tap into a person’s heart while using their God-given strengths, desires and talents to bring their goals to fruition.

Angela Jo Maneri LogoCalla Lilly

The symbol of the Calla Lily…

In Angela Jo’s logo, she intentionally added a special touch of the purple calla lily for several reasons.

First, the purple calla lily is a royal flower. Purple calla lilies have a majestic stature; they symbolize sophistication and charm. They spread honor with their trumpet shaped blooms and exude a sense of passion. Lavender calla lilies symbolize purity and uniqueness, while the deeper purple calla lilies stand for power.

Secondly, the lily itself is a spiritual flower.  The lesson of the lily is this:  To trust and love the Lord because He is gushing and overflowing with love for us.   The lily is also a symbol of resurrection and rebirth! 

Lastly, the lily with its cylinder-like shape, invites you to look within and see all the beauty that God has placed there, uniquely and for His Divine purpose.    It’s a gentle reminder to take that journey within and start discovering your WHY in life! Angela Jo feels that each person has all these same attributes and is committed to helping them on that discovery!

Some heartfelt words…

Lisa Dooling

“If anyone is considering hiring Angela for coaching, I say do it!! The words in her tag line – INSPIRATION AUTHENICITY MINDFULFULLNESS – couldn’t be more right on!! She is a true inspiration as she will help you to tap into what it is you really want to accomplish. Angela is completely authentic and does a fantastic job helping you by asking the right questions to better define your path keeping you true to yourself and mindful! I personally have made so much progress that I know may have taken months or even years on my own.she is a great mentor! If you want to change your life, grow your business or just understand where you are going – she is your girl!”
~ Denise Longtin, Regional Leader, lia sophia

Lisa Dooling

“Angela is the most motivating person I have met in my career. Her never ending enthusiasm is contagious. She inspires everyone to find their passion in life and gives direction as to how to achieve ones personal goal. This is a true gift and I am fortunate to have benefited from it.   Thank you Angela!”
~  Lisa Dooling, Independent Consultant at NYR Organic

Dede Gruenberg

“In addition to being warm, welcoming and genuine,  Angela was a joy to work with. The Advisors who she worked with at lia sophia loved her. She gave them solid business direction and coaching in one on one sessions and through her presentations in group settings.  Angela is an asset to any organization she works with.”
~ Dede Gruenberg Learning & Field Development Coordinator, lia sophia LLC

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In 2004, I felt a stirring in my heart. I was driving home and as clear as it could be, I heard a still, small voice say to me “You are to launch a project and it will be called “Your A.M. Wake Up Call!” I was literally chilled and in a state of awesome wonder! I asked myself, ‘What could...see more


"This book is a very heart-warming and inspirational daily reminder of God's manifestation in each of us. Angela Jo creatively combined her passion for writing and photography while allowing God's light and love to work in and through her. Your "I Am" Wake Up Call is not only a wonderful book but a movement towards connecting to the Divine Spirit within ourselves and others."

Rita Davenport

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