For years there has been a burning desire in my heart to share messages of hope and inspiration to those who have ears to hear and hearts to embrace them.  Years ago, I created an acrostic for the word desire and it was as follows: Deep Energy…Suddenly Inspired…Ready to Explode!!!  Well, the time is now for that explosion to take place!

That desire, which I now know is from the Holy Spirit has been stirred up and is ready to overflow.   His Spirit…the Great ‘I Am’ is our nudge, our guide, our compass…the One who inspires us to be all that God has designed us to be!  The word ‘inspired’ comes from the words ‘in and spirit’ and when we seek His voice and calling on our lives, we become inspired to take that leap of faith and step into His greater plan and provision.  

There is a strong need in our world, now more than ever, for messages of hope, goodness, kindness, love, peace and joy!  Wherever we turn we see and hear stories of violence, war and negativity.  It has become the norm for us and we sometimes can become numb to it because we hear it so much.  How sad is that?  Then, we scratch our heads and wonder why there is a downward spiral when it comes to morals, virtues and goodness?  It’s because what we feed…grows!  We ponder yet we watch the news, the ridiculous reality shows and violence, fowl language and destructive behavior in movies.  Are we allowing the television to ‘tell our vision’ of the world?/b>

We have a choice!Our decisions determine our destiny!  We can all be change agents by setting our minds and focusing on all the goodness that God has placed in us and others.  His promises are real and He wants us to receive all the wonderful blessings He has in store for us. There’s a major shift occurring in today’s world, and now more than ever, we need to be catalysts for love, joy and peace and all the awesome qualities that are alive in our spirits.

How do we begin?My hope is that it starts with YOU! There is a reason that you are here right now reading this message.  If it inspires you in some way, then YOU are a catalyst for goodness!  By identifying the amazing qualities that God has placed in your Spirit and intentionally making a habit of developing them, a shift will occur in you.  You will begin to own peace, joy, contentment, gratitude, forgiveness and love just to mention a few of the wonderful things that abide in your spirit.  Then as they develop and grow, they overflow and echo into the world, allowing light to dispel darkness.  Emotions that eat at us and cause us anxiety such as envy, bitterness, guilt, un-forgiveness and jealousy will start to diminish!  It’s a process, a dying of self, of all that does not serve us, to be what God has called us to be.  And it doesn’t stop there!

The next step is even more exciting and impactful!  Once we embrace these amazing qualities, we then become more focused on recognizing them in others!  We begin to recognize that each person is a child of God with unique qualities and gifts that were specifically given to them.  By acknowledging and celebrating this we create a ripple effect of goodness, light and love for the world!  We become light ‘salt’ for the world…adding flavor to a tasteless society.

You may be thinking that I’m only one person, how can I make a difference?  Plus, you may be saying, it’s too late for this in today’s upside-down world.  I ask you to ponder this question.  Is it working the way the world is right now?  Are we making progress towards world peace and unity?   So why not put love on for size and be that change…one person at a time.

My prayer is that we will become mindful of all that we are…because of all that God created us to be.  To let go of fear and be bold!  To share light and love in a world that needs it so desperately.  Here’s celebrating you and your story…as you take Your ‘I Am’ Journey and manifest a life filled with truth, light, love and grace.  Then…pass it on and gift it forward to everyone!


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Story Behind the Book

In 2004, I felt a stirring in my heart. I was driving home and as clear as it could be, I heard a still, small voice say to me “You are to launch a project and it will be called “Your A.M. Wake Up Call!” I was literally chilled and in a state of awesome wonder! I asked myself, ‘What could...see more


"This book is a very heart-warming and inspirational daily reminder of God's manifestation in each of us. Angela Jo creatively combined her passion for writing and photography while allowing God's light and love to work in and through her. Your "I Am" Wake Up Call is not only a wonderful book but a movement towards connecting to the Divine Spirit within ourselves and others."

Rita Davenport

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