Lessons from my Rip Van Winkle Summer

rip-van-winkleAs the summer of 2016 comes to a close, I have learned some lessons. This past season was a huge struggle to say the least.

It began with not being able to stay focused on things for a period of time. Then the extreme fatigue came along. Chores like emptying the dishwasher felt like I just ran a 5k race.

The days seemed to be consumed with a longing for the night to appear so I could justify the sleep. Yet, the days were also filled with countless hours of laying down to cope with the unexplained pain, debilitating headaches as well as isolation. I was behaving like the world only existed through texting, FB posts and social media and a few outings here and there. The game of solitaire became a new friend, sad to say.

Then a diagnosis of fluid on the brain, even though scary as it was, brought some relief to the explanation of the fatigue. That combined with side effects of autoimmune challenges and vertigo, made it extremely difficult to function.

mess-to-messageYet through it all, I knew God was faithful. The struggles are real, yet He is so much BIGGER than all of it! Even though I am not totally on the other side yet, He is there in the midst of everything.

So thankfully my 10 weeks of excessive sleeping does not compare to Van Winkle’s 20 years. It’s been frustrating, but I know the worst is behind me.

In conclusion, my lessons that I learned during these Rip Van Winkle summer months are as follows:

  • God’s Plan is Perfect!
    • To trust the process
    • To embrace the experience and to ask God to reveal the lesson
    • To be still long enough to hear His voice
    • To rest in His provision
    • That each test brought me one step closer to my testimony
    • That in trusting God I needed to claim His promises and to speak His word out loud
    • That just because something is delayed…does not mean it’s denied
    • The more I focused on the problem…the bigger it got. The more I focused on the One who is bigger than my problem…it diminished.
    • And that in my weakness…He is Strong!!

And lastly…my new mantra is this….


Celebrating the lessons and embracing the seasons of my life. Here’s to the revelation of healing!

With all “I Am”…

Angela Jo

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