Is There Room in Your Inn?

Is There Room in Your Inn?

During this special time of year, as we prepare for the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus…I take a moment to reflect on the journey No room in the innleading to His Marvelous birth.

Imagine Mary, 9 months pregnant on a donkey, and Joseph by her side on foot, traveling through the dark night.

After days of traveling, they arrive in Bethlehem looking for a place to rest and deliver this special child.  To no avail, each time they arrive at an inn, the response was the same.  There is no room here.  The “No Vacancy” sign was lit!

I wonder what was going on in their heads.   Lord, you gave us this assignment and we are being obedient, however the circumstances are just not aligning with the purpose before us.  We need a place to give birth to this little child, the Savior of the world.

Finally, an inn keeper shows them to a stable on his property and there, the Son of God was born!

This story brings me to our current world!  There is a Savior who is Alive, waiting to be born in our spirits…to awaken us to live a miraculous & blessed life.  He is the Great “I AM” looking for a place to abide.

So I ask you as we prepare for the Christmas Season, is there vacancy in your inn?    What does your sign read?  Does it say ‘no vacancy’, I am way too busy and my life is too full?  Or does it say, with open hands and a welcome heart, please come in and stay.  Not just for a while, but my home is your home.  My heart is your heart.  Take this heart and make it yours!

That is my wish for all of us this Christmas Season.  To know Jesus and invite Him to have permanent residency in our hearts.  To take Him in!  To carry His Light, Love, Peace, Joy and Grace to all.  To be His hands, feet and voice in our world.

May you be a witness this Christmas for Jesus!

With all that “I Am”…

Angela Jo


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