“I AM” FREE….or not?


I Am Free_blogFor several months there has been a strong tugging on my heart regarding our nation and where we are heading as a country. So today, as we celebrate the 4th of July, our Independence Day, I thought I would take a few moments to share my awareness.

I was blessed to be traveling this week in New England and took a day yesterday to just ‘be’ and reflect and was called to do just that at Walden Pond. I recalled reading ‘On Walden Pond’ years ago but could not recall the essence of Thoreau’s writing, so I googled it! There was a sense of similarity for what I was experiencing when I read the overall messaging: a time to reflect and be introspective in a natural surrounding (ok Thoreau’s was 2 years, mine 2 hours); a spiritual discovery; and then to create a manual for self-reliance.

WOW! It then hit me. This is the epitome of the world we live in…a yearning, searching & striving for answers to be ‘self-reliant’. The self-help industry is so massive and there is a huge desire for individuals to be their best ‘self’. So I pondered and thought, if this ‘self-reliance’ philosophy is working, then shouldn’t there be a ‘shift’ with the world getting better, kinder and more focused on love, truth and grace? Yet…when we take a real look at the world, we see darkness, killing and a turning away from love & God?

For Thoreau, there was a need for a manual on ‘self-reliance’, which I still think stands true for most. My thought is, that we have a manual…one that works, yet however focuses on the exact opposite. A guide towards Truth…Joy…Blessings…Gratitude…Love…Grace & above all…God-reliance! It’s called The Living Word…or Truth…or more commonly known as….the Bible!

This isn’t about religion by any means. It’s about a Wake Up Call! A returning to God to bring back Truth to our Nation. One Nation under God is part of our Pledge of Allegiance. Where is that anymore? Since God was removed from our schools it was the beginning of the demise of our nation. There was no longer a need for God-dependence…it was all self-dependence. Our nation was founded on Christian values of what’s right and wrong and America has plummeted from righteous living in the last quarter century. As Oswald Chambers declared, realize that “God’s laws are not watered down to suit anyone; if God did that He would cease to be God.”

So where does this leave us? It is way too long to share on this blog….however simply put…it’s a return to God. To love…be love and share His Love! To share His Love in Truth and with Grace. To be FREE to share and live according to a country founded on Godly principles. That’s true Freedom.

Today…on this 4th of July, I encourage you to pause and say a prayer for nation. To return to putting God first…in ALL things. To celebrate our Independence as a Dependence on God….the One Who knows all and created us in His Image to Love and be Love!

Wishing you a Blessed 4th of July weekend!

With all that “I Am”…
Angela Jo


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