From a Dream…to a Vision…to a Reality!

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Have you ever had a dream inside of your heart that was calling you to live authentically and on purpose? And no matter what, that ‘nudge’ kept growing stronger and stronger even though the circumstances around you were not evident of the dream coming to fruition? Could you see it in your mind’s eye, like a movie, and feel yourself walking towards it in hopes that it would soon manifest?

Well, that is what is happening for me today! It is with pure joy and excitement, that I personally welcome you to my virtual home… “Your ‘I Am’ Wake Up Call” site.

I invite you to visit each of the rooms in my virtual home as they represent my purpose and passion for lending messages of Inspiration, Authenticity and Mindfulness. Every step on my journey has brought me to this place! Every sleepless night, every uncertain circumstance, and every unscheduled distraction was a necessary honing process to remind me that I was still on my right path. These circumstances sometimes delayed my time frame, however enhanced my vision and desire to push through!

My knees are now shaking in excitement that all the pieces of the puzzle have come together! I am delighted to be on this journey with you and encourage you to share this site with friends, family, acquaintances and others to ignite their passion and purpose!

With all that ‘I am’,
Angela Jo

Affirmations to get through the day with grace!

Each day, we get bombarded by life’s nuances!  Today, I decide to live above the circumstances by embracing the following affirmations!  Try them on for size as if you are actually getting dressed with each of them!

Today, I am….

I am peace!
I am a positive influence in the lives of others!
I am patient!
I am joyful!
I am obedient!
I am affirming!
I am love!
I am grateful!
I am an instrument of God’s love and humility!
I am efficient and effective!
I am affirming and elevating!
I am grateful!
I am obedient child of God!

With all that ‘I am’…
Angela Jo

Living an Extraordinay Life!

With every day that is presented to us, we have a choice!  It is up to us whether we say… “I have to get up.”…or “I am privileged to get up!”  How we embrace each day will determine our effectiveness and productivity for the day! Our thoughts will determine our words & actions, which then determine our habits & ultimately…our destiny!

We all have responsibilities each day that may feel a bit mundane!  They are the things that need to get done that may sometimes feel like a burden.  Instead of looking at them as such, trying to reframe our thoughts and embracing those tasks with joy takes on a whole new perspective.  It allows the ordinary to become extraordinary!

How to make this shift is the key!  Allowing God to put His Extra on our ordinary…becomes the Extraordinary!  Living with a prospective of knowing, that our circumstances do not define us is so important.   It is how we react to the circumstances that matters!  It is putting on the character of God that will keep us focused on running our own race with patient endurance! 

If you think about our life as compared to the valleys and the mountains, there are evident lessons to be learned!  Think about where the most growth is?  The valleys are where the grass grows greener and more luxurious.  The mountain tops are only momentary experiences.  It is in the valleys of our lives that we are tested and able to create a testimony.  It is through grace that we are given these opportunities.

With belief & gratitude,

Angela Jo

Passing the Test!

In life….we have so many lessons to learn!  Some are much harder than others…but yet they are grooming us for what is around the corner.  When we look at our struggles as ‘tests’, it puts a new & different spin on them.  It almost makes them exciting in a way because we can embrace that by passing them…we get promoted! 

There is a passage in the bible which speaks about the Israelite’s journey through the desert.  It was not too long ago that I learned the details of their trip.  I was blown away that the journey was supposed to take them 11 days and it last over 40 years!!!  Why…you may ask?  Because, they kept on going around the same mountain over and over and over again.

The relevance of that story fascinates me because it is so true to who we are.  Each ‘mountain’ so to say that is presented to us is a test which should produce a valuable lesson.  When we pass the test…just like being in school or having a performance review….we are then promoted to a higher level.   Our character is being stretched to show what we are made of.  And what comes out of us…has to come from inside of us!  What’s in our heart…comes out of our mouth.

Reminding ourselves that this is truly a part of our spiritual journey and progress is so encouraging.  It will give us a grateful heart verses a complaining one.  Because remember…when you complain, you remain!

With belief & gratitude…

Angela Jo

Finding the ‘joy in the journey’

Are You Living in an F.O.G.?

Think about the last time you were outside and it was foggy. How was your vision? How did it make you feel? Uncertain? Not sure of what lies ahead?

I challenge you to think about the word F.O.G. in a new light. Let it begin to stand for Focus on Gratitude! It’s allowing God…in His infinite wisdom to set that boundary around us for a purpose. Giving us the awareness that we are to pause and focus on what we are grateful for. That in order for us to step through the fog and see things more clearly, we need to be present in our life at that given moment to embrace all that we have been blessed with.

F.O.G. then becomes a certainty versus an uncertainty. It’s a representation that we are exactly where we are supposed to be at that given moment. To take a minute and pause on what’s important in our life! It’s His shield that says…take time to reflect on who we are because of Who He is! Then…we will see clearly and the path before us will open up with exciting new possibilities, perfectly anointed by His grace!

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Story Behind the Book

In 2004, I felt a stirring in my heart. I was driving home and as clear as it could be, I heard a still, small voice say to me “You are to launch a project and it will be called “Your A.M. Wake Up Call!” I was literally chilled and in a state of awesome wonder! I asked myself, ‘What could...see more


"This book is a very heart-warming and inspirational daily reminder of God's manifestation in each of us. Angela Jo creatively combined her passion for writing and photography while allowing God's light and love to work in and through her. Your "I Am" Wake Up Call is not only a wonderful book but a movement towards connecting to the Divine Spirit within ourselves and others."

Rita Davenport

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